Madison Wells recruiters ensure the success of our client partners because we think of every search assignment as a new challenge. Research insights and advanced analytics markets are nuanced, every recruitment campaign has a unique set of variables that require a knowledgeable and dedicated approach. Our insights content reflects this; we are constantly monitoring the evolving landscape so that we can prepare our clients and deliver the best possible talent solutions to lead them into the future.

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Tackling Unconscious Bias in Recruiting

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With so much conversation around diversity and inclusion in the workplace — companies are paying closer attention to how discrimination may be impacting their recruitment and hiring processes — but some bias lurks below the surface and can distort hiring decisions. Here are key unconscious biases affecting the recruitment process and what you can do about them.

COVID-19: Living in a VUCA World

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We are now living in a VUCA world — volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous — a term introduced in 1987 to describe the post-Cold War world, which is gaining new relevance today as a way to characterize the current environment.
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