Partner with a recruitment agency that will identify and hire qualified candidates who meet your precise hiring criteria in the highly competitive analytics market.

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Our clients hire analytics talent to help them make sense of a rapidly changing world where you never know who will be your next competitor and consumers call the shots. It is essential that brands know where to play and how to win. They invest in marketing and business analytics to evaluate the success of their marketing programs and leverage statistical analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling, and data intelligence to drive meaningful calls to action.

The importance of being data-driven is no longer in question, but rather how to secure top analytics talent to provide companies a competitive advantage.

Madison Wells has over 20 years of experience connecting employers and candidates in analytics. The ongoing battle for analytics talent requires a skilled, experienced, insightful recruitment method to ensure success.

Madison Wells analytics recruiters are experts in approaching talent, investigating required analytical skills, and converting mutual fit into a hire.



We are a specialized analytics recruitment agency supporting employers that are invested in marketing analytics, business analytics, data science, and big data. We understand and appreciate the career maps and trends in analytics. We are well positioned to connect you to qualified, progressive opportunity.

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Analytics recruiting can be challenging as the target profile often leads to a limited talent pool. Partnering with Madison Wells enables access to an otherwise elusive talent pipeline of qualified analytics executives.

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madison wells analytics network

    • Marketing Analytics
    • Business Analytics
    • CRM Analytics
    • Digital Analytics
    • Advertising Measurement
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Statistical Modelers
    • Web Analytics
    • And more…

Technical skills:

    • R
    • SQL
    • SAS
    • SPSS
    • Regression modeling
    • Predictive modeling
    • Data visualization
    • Data querying
    • A/B testing
    • Google Analytics
    • And more…